IMG_1147I always smell like some kind of farm animal, always. In fact I don’t know one single true blue farm girl that doesn’t smell a little bit like her farm animals. Typically I smell a little like sheep which usually doesn’t bother me much; I’m used to it. But there are days that it does drive me and other people crazy!
Last semester my mornings were spent working with sheep and goats while my afternoons were spent in classes. I usually ended up leaving work and going to class in Muck boots, a hoodie, crappy jeans, and I smelled strongly of sheep (I try to bring cloths to change into but it doesn’t always happen). Which isn’t bad till you walk in a room and get “the look”, now all of us know what this look is… its the I just caught of whiff of that nasty girl again look.
 On one particularly stench ridden day I had to help my boss (Dave) capture a billy-goat, place a breeding harness on him, and move him from one pen to another pen full of doe’s for him to breed. If any of you that read this know about goats you will know that males have a special kind of disgusting smell that seems to be a turn on for lady goats (it’s a gag inducer in all other species). Being in the mere presence of these boys will make your eyes water half of the time. Begrudgingly Dave and I set out to get the job done. In the goat barn we found few of these fabulous white cloth jump suits to put on over our cloths to keep them as safe as possible from the stink (they worked rather well but the smell still made its way through the jumpsuit). After wrestling with a 250+ lb billy for 45 minutes I was exceptionally late for class. Being late, needing to turn in homework, and a little stressed I left the barn without changing cloths. Upon arriving in class I was given a seriously horrifying look by the prissy chick in the back of the class as I sat down three seats away.
 People give me a bit of a break here!
 A) I have to work to pay for Vet. school (its not cheap)
 B) I’m sorry I know that I don’t smell like a box of roses, I don’t need you giving me the stink eye (pun intended).
Now there are things that I do not like about my fellow classmates: students that wear wayyy to much cologne, talk in class, decide that nude leggings are a good life choice, and tap pens/pencils are just a few of my pet-peeves. Note that I refrain from giving them nasty looks as they walk in or look up at me mostly because I am a nice person but also do in part to the fact that I smell like a sheep or in this case a goat. We are all a little lost, confused, and struggling to figure this adult thing out, so how about we cut each other some slack!

Farmgirl Problem #1 I smell like animals


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