Farm Girl Perk #1 I can lift that


How many girls do you know that can pack two 50 lb bags of grain? Well I can 🙂 I’m quite proud of the fact that I can lift and or drag just about anything within reason. Ive been told quite frequently that women don’t belong working in agriculture, especially in jobs that require hard manual labor. This notion is completely absurd to me… its what I grew up doing and its what makes me happy. Working with animals and knowing that I can do just about anything that the guys can do makes me feel empowered.


Stomping wool, the old fashion way. In a gunny sack at the 4-L Packas Farm. (AKA my grandparents house) May 2013

To much pressure is put on young women these days to be dainty, super feminine, and look like the girl on the cover of vogue. For example the “thigh gap”. What the hell is up with all this “thigh gap” garbage? I don’t want a thigh gap… ladies lets quit killing ourselves to get a thigh gap… go have yourself a hamburger its good for you, it will also support our nations beef industry.  Who decided that thigh gaps where the thing? Now I’m not saying that if you have a thigh gap your an emaciated person that doesn’t know what real food is, I’m just saying that we as women shouldn’t feel like we have to fit into a mold that someone else has made for us. I won’t ever have a thigh gap… I don’t really have the body type for one, nor the desire to work that hard to get something so insignificant. Seriously though I have big hips, big boobs, and I’m no size two. I would rather work towards my goals of being healthy, getting into Vet. school, and traveling the world.

Why not give up the absurd goal of looking like a french model and work towards a meaningful life? Is this really the picture that we want to send to our friends, sisters, daughters? I would hate for my sweet little sister to think for even one minute that she is inadequate, that she has to look and dress a certain way to be loved and accepted. I want to be the role model that my sister deserves to look up to. Thats why I fight to be in agriculture doing what I love, its why others should fight be who they are. Quit letting some stranger decide the standards for how you look, how you act, and what should be important to you.

So yes I lift heavy things, I work with dirty stinky sheep, and I like it. I’m a boss at driving a skid-steer and I don’t particularly care what anyone thinks about it. Working in agriculture isn’t for everyone, it has its problems and its perks. Ladies in agriculture lifting heavy things is defiantly a perk! So go out and lug around some hay bales, let your daughter try it out, she may just fall in love with a wonderful lifestyle.


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