Farmgirl Problem #2 “Let me help you with that”


There are six words that every strong, independent, fierce young woman never wants to hear, especially from a man… “Let me help you with that”. These words are usually prefaced with a dumb fraise like hon, darling, or dear. I hate them. I am a woman not an Invalid. I’m certainly no ones “hon”. My grandpa is the only one that gets away with nicknames. If I want help I will ask for it! If I don’t ask for your help don’t assume that I NEED it! Seriously I can lift heavy things, pull a trailer, and work livestock. Most women in agriculture are capable of taking care of themselves. Amazing… I know… but wait there is more! If you so much as grab, take, or try and push me out of the way… I will punch you… in the face. Not even close to joking πŸ™‚

I’m not a ΓΌber feminist or a complete jerk. I just like to do things myself. In fact the way my parents raised me there is a good possibility that I have been doing the task on my own for pretty much my whole life. I am in no way, shape, or form trying to attack your manhood. No one is saying that your help isn’t good enough. All I’m trying to say is we are completely capable of doing what ever it is that we are working on all by ourselves. So stick with other chivalrous acts like opening doors, getting kittens out of trees, and picking up the tab for dinner.


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