What is Farmgirl Philosophy?IMG_0117

Well I’m still figuring this one out! my initial idea is for it to be a blog where readers can gain a little insight on what it is like to be a young agriculturalist in this age of social media, fast paced lifestyles, and technology overload. (I’m still figuring it out so give me some time) It will be somewhat like a comedy show about a girl that moves away from her small town to go to college and pursue her dreams without the cameras or the drama (no guarantee on the drama part). Like how driving in Logan really does drive me crazy, what lambing season is like without all the amniotic fluid on your cloths, and all the joys of being “a grown up” without you actually having to do all of these things! (sadly many of you already are grownups) Sounds exciting right? Well it truly is, but first a little about myself.

 I’m a student at Utah State University where I am studying to become a veterinarian (eventually) with the goal of practicing on livestock (cattle, horses, sheep, hogs). I grew up in rural Vernal, Utah ( good luck finding it on a map) on a small farm. Agriculture has always been a huge part of my life, as a kid I spent my summers riding horses and showing lambs in local live stock shows. For many of you that don’t know exactly what a livestock show is it’s like a dog show for cows, sheep, and pigs. (if you don’t know what a dog show is watch more Animal Planet). I love horses but never really did like the crazy horse people (if any horse people are reading this its time to admit that you are crazy) so I chose sheep to be my main object of obsession as a kid/teen. This little obsession of mine led me down the road to many awesome things like a job at our local animal hospital and my current job at USU’s Sheep Production and Research Facility. In addition to the whole farm thing I have going on I’m a proud member of the National FFA Organization (I have the American Degree to prove it). I currently serve as the Collegiate FFA USU Chapter Vice-President and I’m the VP of the yFNR (young farmers and ranchers) organization on our campus as well. If it sounds like I’m a little busy already well then lets just toss in a little bit of travel, time well wasted with my friends, and a little brown Schnauzer named Stella to top it all off!


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